Nationwide relocation Services- Very Dishonest Company

Lexington, Kentucky 4 comments
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Nationwide Relocation is a team full of dishonest people. The more you will talk to their supervisors. You will find you are talking with a more unprofessional person. They laugh on your helplessness and pain.

They blackmailed me at the last moment by increasing the price 33% even before coming. These are agents. They never had the mover but keep blackmailing by stating if you want a mover, agree to pay more money. otherwise, your deposit will go away.

Please do not use them. Later in you will realize that its worth doing packing and drive the truck by own.

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I will suggest to leave review to every possible website. That will be reasonable otlet of our anger and frustation. Infect I did post my review to every site


We used them to moved in january...price went almost double what they told us, furniture took 4 days to get there when we moved a three hours drive away...stuff was ruined by the movers!


Nationwide Relocation Services is the most unethical company I have ever worked for. They treat their employees as bad as their customers. is run by them. Do not use any of their movers they are a broker.

They falsely advertise on their sites that they are accredited by the Better Business Bureau, but they are NOT. Look them up on the BBB and don't use them they will RIP YOU OFF!

google any moving company before you use them!


Agreed, they (and their sister company United States Van Lines) are GARBAGE. Anyone looking to move with them should google them and see the hundreds of terrible reviews.

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Nationwide Relocation Services - Damage continues...

Avon Park, Florida 0 comments

After I disputed the charges on my credit card, Nationwide Relocation Service returned the money to the charge card company: however, Nationwide Relocation Service then increased the charge and turned it over to A & S Collection Associates, Inc. Nationwide Relocation Service has been investigated before, but keep doing what they have always been doing.

The state of Florida needs to get on them and stay on them or better, yet, put them out of business. BBB should start doing their job and report all the complaints they get against Nationwide Relocation Service. Also, they misrepresented themselves by claiming to be Nationwide Van Lines to me.

I am sure they have done this to other people. Nationwide Van Lines should sue them.

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Nationwide Relocation Services - Bait and Switch

Avon Park, Florida 1 comment
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They hooked me with a special deal and made numerous changes to contract then made an unauthorized charge on my account after I cancelled the contract.

They changed dates and charges and never seemed to get any of it right.

I was bounced from one person to the next and each one telling me something different.

I was told that Nationwide Relocation Service, Moving Cost, American Van Lines, and United States Van Lines are all the same thing, just different telephone numbers. I was told I was lucky as they never picked up my items. Other have told me their things were held hostage or never seen again. Beware!

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Exactly same story with me this week. My story will be coming soon on all possible websitee.

Nationwide Relocation Services - Nationwide Relocation (Do not use)

Ashburn, Virginia 1 comment
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Worst experience ever, I am pissed at the type of services that they have provided, I wouldn't recommend their service to my worst enemy. They lie and tell you that you will be provided with excellent service so they can get you to signed a contract that they dont even abide by and once they get your deposit your are on your own.

They are broker company so basically once you signed the contract they sell your quote to whoever is willing to take the lowest bid I believe. You will never know what you are going to get until they show up at the door. So far I have people from all different companies calling me WTF?

Customer service suck I can go on and on. Please do not use them.

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Monetary Loss: $3700.



I agree with you. I am in the process of complaining each and every possible place.

Nationwide Relocation Services - Missed quoted, no contact on pickup day, still waiting

Washington, District Of Columbia 0 comments
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We were grosely miss quoted, we were told van line would call day before with a time for pickup, no call, utilities shut off, lease is up, new jobs to start out of state in 3 days. Both individuals we spoke with lied about everything, going to contact a consumer lawyer.

This is the worst company we ever dealt with.

Here it is the day of the move and no call no moving van, we have things outside in the weather waiting for the truck (in michigan where it's beginning to rain, run away from this *** poor company.

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Nationwide Relocation Services - Beware!

Pensacola, Florida 0 comments
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I entered into a contract with Nationwide Relocation Services on June 16, 2009 for our move from New Jersey to Florida. A deposit for this service in the amount of $959.66 was charged to my credit card. There was a two day pickup window 6/29/2009-6/30/2009 and a delivery window of seven days 7/2/2009-7/8/2009. Upon speaking with the representative from Nationwide I explained that July 10th was my wedding day in New Jersey and was assured that we would have no trouble receiving our belongings in the time frame stated in our contract. We made our travel plans accordingly and were planning to drive to Florida and fly to New Jersey on July 9th.

We were told that we would receive a phone call twenty-four hours prior to our pick up date. July 29th came and finally, after numerous calls to Nationwide inquiring when the movers were coming, we received a response around 9:30 p.m. We were informed that the original company was no longer available and that another company would now be coming between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. At approximately 3:30 p.m. a company by the name of A-Topps arrived.

The truck sounded, at best, in need of servicing and when stating concerns that we were unsure of how this truck would make the distance we were told to be rest assured the truck had a new engine and that "it just needed to be broken in."

As the truck was MORE THAN HALF-WAY PACKED, we were then told that the contracted dated of delivery would not be honored and that they would be arriving on July 10th, our wedding day. I have several witnesses that are able to verify that the truck was more than half-way packed before being told that our belongings would arrive after the contracted dates, as well as witnessing the driver stating at the start of the move that the contracted dates would be guaranteed. Upon speaking to Nationwide, several times, we were told that this was not their responsibility and that we could either be in Florida at whatever date the movers chose or we could pay for storage to the tune of $1100.00. Upon hearing this information, I told the driver to unload the truck. He stated that he would, for approximately $700 or that they would take our belongings as collateral. We proceeded with this company only due to extortion. As we have no friends or family in the area, we would now have to hire someone in Florida, at our additional expense, to receive our furniture.

As this was my first encounter with a moving company for a long-distance move, I can not say that I am familiar with what is standard. However, I would venture to guess that having my mattress wrapped in saran wrap and strapped to the back of the outside of the truck for 1,200 miles would probably not be considered to be the norm. Furthermore, the two gentlemen that could not fit in the cab of the truck were essentially "packed" as cargo. Again, I am no expert, but I find it doubtful that this would meet the standard for this type of service. To add insult to injury, the services provided are based upon weight of the cargo. At the weigh station, neither of these gentlemen removed themselves from the truck.

We hired someone to be in Florida to receive our furniture on July 10th. We were promised that disassembly and reassembly of all furniture would be included in the cost of these services. When we arrived in Florida, we found all of our belongings were stacked from floor to ceiling in the living room and nothing reassembled. We understand that the person we hired to be here to receive our furniture did not know where everything went, but I believe it is reasonable that anyone contracted to reassemble furniture would know that legs belong on the table and chairs, mattresses belong with the appropriate frames, etc. To make matters worse, many irreplaceable items were broken and missing. A box containing a sofa cushion folded in half and wrapped in tape with a vacuum cleaner and a now broken lamp seems like a mismatched combination. We were aware that we would pay for items that were packed by the moving company, but found it excessive that many small items were packed individually in a large box, a box we packed in yet another box at an additional cost or as previously stated, packed mismatched and subsequently broken. This would help account for the additional charge of approximately $900.00 in packing supplies.

Countless attempts to come to a resolution with Nationwide were made to no avail. Once the deposit was received customer service was no longer an issue on behalf of this company. If the services guaranteed were not able to be performed in the time frame contracted, we would have selected another company. This was, after all, our wedding day and that was made clear. Furthermore, the failure to meet the terms of the contract should have not caused us additional expenses i.e. having to hire someone to receive our furniture in Florida, accepting the offer for $1100.00 in storage fees, paying $700.00 to have the movers unload a more than halfway loaded truck and hiring another company or forfeiting our belongings, to name a few. Again, this is extortion.

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Monetary Loss: $3800.

Nationwide Relocation Services - 15 DAYS AFTER PICK-UP AND STILL NO DELIVERY

Houston, Texas 2 comments
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Nationwide sux!! I will never use them again or reccomend them to anyone.

They left me to deal with the trucking company, the trucking comp. acted like a major scam. They lied about what they packed and claim the we did not pack anything. We packed all of our belongings ourselves.

Nationwide believes them and requested proof from us of the expenses. The total price increased $2000.00. They are 8 days late and stopped answereing their phones.

Nobody seems to know where the truck is. Nationwidw and the trucking company just stopped answering their phones and do not return phone calls.

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Jon you suck!! Pam told me to pack it all.

So I did and I did buy the supposedly extra insurance. Our stuff got here yesterday 7/27/09 to California, it was picked up on 6/25/09. 32 days to recieve it. Over weighed by 4000lbs, over charged by $1500 not including the forged signature with the added on $606.

You all suck!

Federal government is awhere and the BBB and whom ever else I can contact. FULL REFUND ***!!!!!!!!!!


pack your stuff yourself, and you get no insurance or ability to make a claim. They pack, and you get insurance...

Read the contract, it is in their. If you pack and the truck disappears, you are out.

If they pack and the truck disappears you get the insurance settlement. read the fine print

Nationwide Relocation Services - NationWide Relocation Scam

Kenova, West Virginia 1 comment

TALLAHASSEE, FL – Attorney General Bill McCollum today announced his Economic Crimes Division has reached a settlement with a Jacksonville moving company. The settlement with NationWide Relocation Service of Fort Lauderdale, FL. resolves allegations the company used misleading advertising, failed to deliver furniture and other possessions at the prices promised, and failed to disclose certain items on its contracts. Under the settlement, the company must reform its business practices, including its marketing tactics and the composition of its contracts.

The investigation revealed through dozens of consumers' complaints with the Attorney General's office and the Better Business Bureau that the final prices charged at the end of customers' moves were greater than the original estimates. Consumers were also told they had waived their rights to file claims for losses or damages after signing the "Delivery Acknowledgment" on the Bill of Lading, a standard industry form used by all movers.

As a result of the Attorney General's investigation, the company has already provided over $3,000 in restitution to consumers. Under the terms of the settlement, NationWide Relocation Service of Fort Lauderdale, FL. must modify its marketing practices and alter its contracts, which will now include providing a full price itemization of the services provided and information on how fuel surcharges are calculated. Additionally, the company will reimburse the state $10,000 for fees and the cost of the investigation, with which the company fully cooperated.

Complaints about scams can be reported by calling the Attorney general's fraud hotline at 1-866-966-7226 or by filing a complaint online at Consumers can obtain more information about how to choose a moving company online .



I am also the victim of Nationwide Relocation Services. In the last moment they asked me more money, and threatened to kkep the deposit. I hired another company for the same day move.

Nationwide Relocation Services - Nationwide Relocation Company-Do Not Use

Greenbelt, Maryland 0 comments

We contracted with Nationwide Relocation Services to move our son from Maryland to Iowa for grad school. Scott Smith was our sales rep and was more than happy to take our money with assurances that my son's belongings would be in Iowa on the necessary weekend.

He was told at least three times by my husband that my son knew no one in Iowa, was leaving the country on Aug 4 with his professor and needed his stuff there on Aug 1, 2 or 3. Repeatedly, Scott Smith assured my husband the delivery would occur on one of those days even going so far as to tell my husband that "the contract says 7-12 days but we just have to put that in for legal reasons". The trouble started when our pick up date of Monday, July 28th was changed to Tuesday, July 29th and then the afternoon of the 30th. When the van driver called to say he would be here on the 30th, my husband asked him which day of the weekend he would be arriving in Iowa and the driver actually laughed out loud!

Then he said he would be in Iowa within 7-12 days. We immediately called Scott Smith who, not surprisingly, wouldn't/didn't take our calls. We went through Customer Service and then through Josh Wiley in Quality Assurance. While awaiting a call from Scott Smith, we canceled our move to be within the 24 hour cancellation window and not be charged for the entire move.

Scott Smith called back late in the day of the 30th, initially denying he had ever made any assurances of a delivery that weekend but then conceding that he "might" have said that. He told us we lost our $850.00 down payment because it wasn't in the 5 day window allowed for cancellations. While awaiting Scott Smith's call in the afternoon, we received two calls. One from the moving dispatcher who proceeded to scream at us for canceling the move, and, even more unbelievably, the next call from Nationwide, asking if we'd like to apply our $850.00 toward a future move.

Really??? Are they kidding? In the end, we rented a truck that day and moved our son ourselves. We are currently disputing the down payment on our credit card bill, writing letters to the Attorneys General in Maryland and Florida, awaiting our next credit card bill to see if the remaining charges were applied (they shouldn't; we canceled the move within 24 hours) and writing a complaint letter to Nationwide to be delivered by registered mail.

To add insult to injury, when I called Nationwide Customer Service today to get a name and address to send this complaint letter, the rep initially gave me an address without a name. When I asked for a name she said to address it to "Management" and then put me on hold. When she returned, I asked for a name at which time she started raising her voice, saying I had the info I needed. When I asked why she was resisting giving me a name she became angrier, said she wasn't resisting.

She eventually gave me the name "Sarah Sanford". I have no idea if this is a true person or a fabricated name. I wonder if, when she put me on hold, she took my phone number from the Caller ID, looked it up on her computer and saw we had canceled a move and then started giving me an attitude. I am writing this in the hopes that someone who is considering going with Nationwide will read this and stay far, far away.

This company is a bunch of liars, thieves and crooks.

Nationwide Relocation Services - Avoid Nationwide like the Plague

Syracuse, New York 1 comment
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Nationwide is completely untrustworthy - they are not even a real moving company, they contract out to other companies and they have no control over the move, nor will they help you when everything goes wrong, which it will. I have now been 14 days without my belongings, they have not even picked it up yet, they missed 6 different pick up dates, they "don't know when" they can pick it up, and I have had to start paying by the day because I overstayed my lease!

D0 not trust them! Do not give them your money!

0f a bad lot they are one of the very worst!!!

Anna 0ldfield

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wish i has seen this site before contracting through Nationwide.they use a 2nd rate company out of Denver,who lost a large portion of my property and tried to charge me overweight!!!!! Bad people use someone else

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