Nationwide Relocation Services - Lost and damaged

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Do not ever use this company! I moved from Philadelphia to Atlanta on August 18, 2014. The salesman told me he could give me a quote based on weight , not on cubic feet. But on the moving day, the movers insisted a quote on cubic feet, they refused to admit the original quote, and the price was more than $800 on weight , and they were late for 3 hours.

I asked them to store my stuff for one more month, and they tried to charge me $ 400, the original price is $200, asked foe a receipt, they never sent me. I noticed them the delivery day more than 10 days ago. But before the delivery day , I called them to confirm, they told me they could not deliver, and they can not give a delivery day, they have 30 days to deliver, just ask me to wait.

I lost several boxes worth thousands of dollars, I did not even call them because I know they will not admit and it is really hard to reach customer service, the lady called Phebis left a fake phone number, and most of times customer service does not pick up the phone.

Some furniture is damaged. most plastic boxes as containers are damaged.This is the worst experience I have had , I have moved from state to state for five times, I have never encountered such a company.

Please note that they hire other companies to move and deliver, customer service seems in Florida,, but the company seems to be in Maryland.

This reviewer shared experience about damaged or defective and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any) as the author lost $2000. The author is overall dissatisfied with Nationwide Relocation Services. The most disappointing about moving service from Nationwide Relocation Services was price, customer service and delivery Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Nationwide Relocation Services - Stay clear - Better Business Bureau warns also!

Charlottesville, Virginia 3 comments
Not resolved

Our experience with Nationwide Relocation Services out of Florida was just plain horrible and having moved 5 times with corporate relocations with the "Big Boys" we made the terrible decision to go with Nationwide it turns out, a mistake. To protect you right now-- use your CREDIT CARD for down-payment, because with any luck (and we had it) your credit card company will help you get some of your hard earned money back!

If you go with these brokers, best be ready for these things to take place:

-dirty, unkept, rude and overtired moving team who have been on the road for 48 hours and are near collapse, unshaven, tired and overworked.

-moving team will come late, in our case 24 hours later than contracted.

-the van they bring will be too small, dirty and messy inside, not all your goods will fit.

-your furniture and goods will be left outside in the rain while they pack and arrange, don't expect they will care for your stuff.

-they will smoke in your garage, they will smoke in your house.

-your carpets will not be protected, so be ready to pay $300 for a professional carpet deep clean, because they do NOT take their work shoes off, nor do they cover carpets or wood floors with either clear wrap or cardboard ( like all the big movers will).

-your stuff will be packed by amateurs who don't care what gets to the destination in one piece - and not much will.

-your things will hang off the side of the truck (in our case, my Mahagoni wooden head board, our bikes and my lawn mower), waiving you good bye as the truck leaves.

-you will have to pack the REST of the house yourself, because their truck is too small. Well, you might have told them it's too small when they arrived. And yes, you told them 3 more times while they packed your house for 12 hours. And yes, at 11pm at night they leave, truck filled to the top, 4 rooms left in the house unpacked, and you now need to scramble to do-it-yourself. Nice, huh?

-your phone calls in desperation to Nationwide will remain unanswered from the day you pay your deposit. Do not expect them to ever call you back, it will not happen.

-Your stuff will be danged up, missing, broken, scratched, dent, bent and out of shape.

-Your kids will be upset, because their toys are broken or missing, your wife will be mad because her china, silver and glass is damaged or missing. So are her pots, pans and cook books. But - you can always buy them again, right?

You are in the hands of a low cost broker, who will broker the deal to the lowest bidder, so they can pocket the difference between the price they agreed with YOU, and the price they sell this contract to others. What you don't know is that the low cost bottom floor moving dirt business is owned by the Eastern European Mafia. Good luck mate getting any resolution here, they would sooner handle you in other ways rather than fix issues, or repair anything, or respond to your emails, voicemails, calls and complaints.

Have you looked at the BBB ratings? There are 250 complaints about this company! Here is what the BBB says about these crooks:

Our files contain a pattern of complaints from consumers that allege Nationwide Relocation failed to arrive on time, if at all, for scheduled moves. Other consumers report having difficulty reaching the company after they are promised refunds. BBB has also identified a pattern from consumes who state the business fails to honor the estimated price for the move and requires a substantially higher price upon delivery. The company responds to complaints with an explanation of their terms and conditions of the contract and in some cases issuing a full or partial refund.

BBB strongly encourages consumers to read and understand the terms and conditions provided by the company prior to signing a contract. All terms of the agreement should be in writing with no verbal representations.

On July 31, 2012 BBB met with Aldo Disorbo, president and CEO of Nationwide Relocation Services Ind. BBB discussed concerns over an increase and pattern of complaints involving delays in pick up and delivery dates for household goods as well as damages incurred while in the possession of the company.

Mr. Disorbo acknowledged the increase and pattern and stated the problems arose from a new "rail" program the company implemented to provide consumers with a higher level of service. The new program doubled the amount of jobs to be serviced and was less efficient than hoped, therefore negatively impacting his company and resulted in an increasing number of customers to be serviced and late delivery. Mr. Disorbo states the program was discontinued in early July of 2012 and hopes the volume and pattern of complaints will be reduced significantly. Mr. Disorbo also stated he is in the process of revamping his customer service department which should provide a higher level of service to customers trying to find out the status of their move.

BBB will continue to monitor the complaint activity of the company and update the Business Review as needed.

Review about: Movers.

Monetary Loss: $3000.



i hope they will just talk peacefully about this issue..

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after reading the article, i hope no will fight about this. i should say that they will talk peacefully about this issue..

- Nationwide Relocation Services


We regret to hear of your reported dissatisfaction with the level of service provided by our American Van Lines team. We would like the opportunity to address your issues and concerns but, unfortunately, with the information provided on this review we are unable to find any records of such a move with our company. If you in fact moved with us, we are requesting more information so we can have one of our moving specialists look into your move. If you provide us with your job number, full name and phone number, we will gladly do so and further assist you. You are welcome to contact our office with a proposal or in regards to this response at 1-888-219-7171. We are ready to work with you.

Thank you.


Nationwide Relocation Division

Nationwide Relocation Services - Nationwide Relocation is the worst moving company

North Charleston, South Carolina 5 comments
Not resolved

These people subcontracted my move to Relo Van lines which I never heard before.First of all these people are not at all professional.Least professional people I ever seen in my life.They picked up my stuff late on Thursday July 26th,2012 and my estimated delivery date was between July 28th,2012 and August 8th 2012.I got a call from Relo Van lines driver on 8/6/2012 around mid night telling me that he will be delivering it on 8/7/12 and when he arrived on 8/7/12 it was NOT MY PACKAGE.It was someone else stuff.I wasted all my time and skipped meetings to see he has got some others stuff.He was not able to track where my package was and he started giving *** excuses and told me that my package will be delivered on 8/8/12.I called and informed this to Nationwide and they confirmed to me telling that my stuff will be delivered on 8/8/12.I received a call from Nationwide customer service representative Michelle on 8/8/12 evening asking me how did my delivery go.I told her ,no one delivery anything.I am still waiting at the mercy of Nationwide Customer service to track my stuff/package.No one is able to give me an update.I called the driver ( Relo van lines) many times and they are not picking up my call.Nationwide on the other hand is just telling me they understand my frustration but cant do anything.So what am I supposed to do?? Nationwide is the one who subcontracted it,I have nothing to do with subcontractor.So its nationwide responsibility to give me an update or track the Relo van lines (who never ever picks up the call) down.I heard that there is a new law from government that we can file complaint at ,if they don't deliver the stuff between the range of EDT.I think that's the only option left now.Please don't do your move with any of these guys.You will be another victim like me.

Review about: Moving.

Monetary Loss: $8000.



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Nationwide Relocation Services regrets to hear of your dissatisfaction with our moving services. With the information you have provided us with, we are unable to locate your move with us. We are aware that you would like to remain anonymous, however, if you are indeed a customer we would like to speak with you to address your issues. Call us at 1-888-219-7171.

You may contact us at our office to discuss your concerns as soon as possible as we always like to ensure that our customers are satisfied with our services. Please call and provide your name and job ID # so we can better assist you with with your issues.

Thank you.


Nationwide Relocation Services


Did they atleast deliver your stuff or still not answering your call? File a complaint with State attorney.


Thanks for letting us know about this...Take this issue to police.


You should take this case to the media and sue these people. They can not act this irresponsible.

What if they don't deliver your stuff?

Take this case to court and medium so that none fall into such *** company's false promises. I was about to give my reloc to them but now I have decided I would go for Uhaul.

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Nationwide Relocation Services - Unethical and unprofessional

Jackson, Mississippi 2 comments
Not resolved

I spoke with Tommy Lee of Nationwide. He assured me they did not subcontract and used only Nationwide employees.

During my move, I found I was subcontracted to Source One. They left several items behind that my fiance and I asked them to take. Then Source One tried to charge us for a storage and redelivery fee because they wanted us in MS from WV in 24 hrs and not on the settled contract date of 06-15-12. This extra charge was taken care of by natiowide, however at 7:42 pm the day after the movers left (and my fiance and I had driven 565 miles), I recieved a txt message from Source one requiring cash, MO, or cashiers check upon delivery.

This was NOT told to us or explicit in the contract. We had made an original deposit which was debit/credit card from a small local wv bank. The following day we were to meet the movers in MS. Because our home bank was a small local bank and we were 1000 miles from home, we did not have a bank available.

We tried calling Nationwide and Source one. I was placed on mute when explaining the issue and hung up on when transfered (magically everytime). My fiance experienced the same. Being a doctor and a CPA- we remained professional.

I asked to speak to a supervisior and was told they would all me back. I was not phoned back and after several times of calling and restating the situation, a supervisor called me, introduced himself and then the magic hang up occured. I continued to call both companies and could speak with no one. The Source one movers told me to go to multiple bank atms or walmart cash loan.

After driving 6 hrs- we went to 4 banks and 3 walmarts. No one could provide us with cash immediately- it would take 3 days for the small local bank in WV to clear in MS. And walmart's limit was 800$. After getting no response from any supervisor and told cash or nothing, the movers left with all my furniture.

They said they would not be back for a week and that we would be charged a storage and redelivery fee. The cost went from 2556$ COD to 4050$!!! I have been sleeping on a hard wood floor without any furniture or clothes. (How am I to see my patients in a jogging suit and with the extra 2000$ fee I do not have the money to purchase office attire.) I believe both companies are unprofessional and extortionists.

I was lied to by Nationwide and Source one did NOT tell us that it was COD. Why the change of payment? We paid originally in debit/credit card. Also the psychology of the Source One drivers texting me at 7:42pm after we had drove over 500 miles shows that they knew they did not inform us of this detail and we worried about acquiring proper payment.

If I would have known I would have gotten the funds cashier check from my WV local bank. I went above and beyond what was expected of a consumer. I feel I was treated without respect and deceived. I was told all employees are of nationwide, so why am I making payments to two different companies.

The Source One movers also treated me as though I was a broke crook trying to get out of payment, asking me several times if I even had the money! I have the money, but they refused to take my form of payment, the same form that was made for the original deposit. I would like this 2000$ storage and redelivery fee removed, as well as an apology from both businesses for treating me with such disrespect and disregard. Finally as an update, Source one was to have an ETA of 12-5 on 6/22/2012, but I was just informed that they will not be here until 9pm or later.

After calling, Nationwide, they still have not had a supervisor contact me (even though they claim a Darnel I spoke to was a supervisor, and he never called me back!) I've had not furniture or clothing since my supposed delivery date of 6-15 and it's 6-22. How am I expected to live like this???

Review about: Home Goods Relocation.

Monetary Loss: $4038.



Nationwide Relocation Services regrets to hear of your dissatisfaction with our moving services. With the information you have provided us with, we are unable to locate your move with us. We are aware that you would like to remain anonymous, however, if you are indeed a customer we would like to speak with you to address your issues. Call us at 1-888-219-7171.

You may contact us at our office to discuss your concerns as soon as possible as we always like to ensure that our customers are satisfied with our services. Please call and provide your name and job ID # so we can better assist you with with your issues.

Thank you.


Nationwide Relocation Services


Presidents office number if you need to call to complain or if your stuff is damaged. 855-820-6917

Nationwide Relocation Services - Nationwide Relocation

Glendale, California 2 comments
Not resolved

Update by user Jul 08, 2012

I placed my complaint through the president\'s office via Christine phone number 855-820-6917 with a strongly worded letter and pictures 6/7. I received on 7/3 a settlement request in the amount of $874 which almost covers the cost of my Tv.

It was ally more than I expected if they followed the letter of the contract. I had been told numerous people in the company that I would receive $30/day late fees then told later by colonial van lines that unless I purchased the \"guaranteed delivery\" option (which is talked about on the BACK of the contract but there\'s no option to buy.

These people are crooks and weasles, don\'t call them, call the source-presidents office. Good luck and I hope this info helps someone.

Original review posted by user Jun 07, 2012

nationwide relocation is a complete scam. Their customer service is disgusting, claiming (when they're already late and dont call to notify you that your delivery will NOT be happening) that they are unable to locate your belongings.

The actual carrier (your stuff passes through NRS, colonnial van lines, allstate relocation) scheduled and cancelled delivery multiple times without reasons. I payed $2200 and when they finally DID bring my stuff, my 65" TV was trashed, 12/30 boxes looked like they had been thrown from a moving truck more than a couple times, and multiple other things were severely damaged. They are only liable for 0.60 cents/lb (unless you throw down an additional $500 dollars for full price reimbursement).

Unfortunately, my $1100 TV only weighs 50lbs. Its horrible the blatant disregard they take with their client's belongings, seeing that it is their trade.

Review about: Mitsubishi Dlp.

Monetary Loss: $1100.



I hesitate to call unless there is someone specific TO call, courtesy of my previous dealings with your customer service. No one will know what I'm talking about, and I will end up having made a pointless call.

I do not seek anything further from your company, as I have already been settled with. If you still wish to speak with me, my email is


Nationwide Relocation Services regrets to hear of your dissatisfaction with our moving services. With the information you have provided us with, we are unable to locate your move with us. We are aware that you would like to remain anonymous, however, if you are indeed a customer we would like to speak with you to address your issues. Call us at 1-888-219-7171.

You may contact us at our office to discuss your concerns as soon as possible as we always like to ensure that our customers are satisfied with our services. Please call and provide your name and job ID # so we can better assist you with with your issues.

Thank you.


Nationwide Relocation Services

Nationwide Relocation Services - Horrible move & stolen items

Bensalem, Pennsylvania 1 comment
Not resolved

I will NEVER recommend this company. So many promises to get the business but NO follow thru.

Numerous phone calls and NO ONE could give me any information where the truck was after 2 weeks. it was revealed that the moving truck had been abandoned on the side of the road with many of my items missing. I have made so many calls and completed forms and I still have not heard from anyone in the entire company about my missing Plasma TV & other items.

No manifast list, no accountability, and the run around when you call. Total joke of a company & I'm out thousands of dollars in household items.

Review about: Moving Company.



Nationwide Relocation Services apologizes for the unsuccessful efforts in providing exceptional services, the delay in delivery and any additional frustrations or inconveniences that this has caused. Our company likes to ensure our customers are satisfied with our services in all aspects of their moving process however, circumstances may occur preventing a smooth transition to your new surroundings as we plan with all our moves. We regret we were unable to meet your expectations and sincerely apologize for the unpleasant experience with Nationwide Relocation Services. You may contact our office with any additional questions in regards to this response at 1-888-219-7171.

Thank you.


Nationwide Relocation Services

Nationwide Relocation Services is the worst Scam ever!

Denver, Colorado 2 comments
Not resolved

Unbelievable! My nightmare began on 4/18/12 when I rec'd a call from NRS requesting to move my pick up date from the orginally agreed upon pick up date of 4/18/12 or 4/1912 to 4/22/12.

I explained at that time I had just gotten out of the hospital and I was being driven home by a drive and I needed to stick to the original agreement. Well needless to say they did not bother to show up to load my household until 4/23/12. That has been the last time anyone I know has seen my stuff. They call every 2-3 days to report the truck is still on the east coast (I have relocated to Albuquerque from Orlando FL) or the truck broke down and they are waiting for parts to be shipped to them.

That was last weekend. I spoke w/ a Nationwide Relocation Service Representative named Wolfgang who reported the the part had been rec'd and the truck was expected to be on the road heading to me by Monday 4/7/12. Well I spoke with Simone on Monday who told me they would let me know on Wed or Thurs as they would have a better idea of an exact day then. Now mind you these $#%#^ have had all my possession for 21 days now.

To make matter even worse....I packed my computer and computer accessories, to be moved by this truck. The computer is my job and livelihood. I am an RN who works as a Nurse Case Manager, helping men who work in oilfields, manage their injuries. So I have been out of work for 21 days.

I don't know what to do at this point if anyone has any ideas please pass them on!!!!

Please tell everyone you know not to use this company! It is not worth the hassle and abuse doled out by Nationwide Relocation Services.

Review about: Moving Service.



The saga continues. I have not rec'd my possessions as of today 5/15/12.

The representatives from Nationwide Relocation Services are now saying "We are sorry for the delay. But we will call back in 2-3 days with a more accurate date of delivery." I read the above letter from Nationwide Relocation Services and it makes me so sad to read yet another scripted communication from these people. I swear they are like Teflon...nothing sticks to them! They take no responsiblity for anything.

When I hear we are sorry for the delay...I want to scream. Sorry means: My mistake. I did something wrong. I won't do it again and I am going to work hard to fix my mistake.

I will keep posting here until I get a resolution to my missing household goods. In the meantime please tell anyone you know who is moving not to use NATIONWIDE RELOCATION SERVICES! It has been the one the most frustrating and costly mistake I have ever made that just seems to continue to go on and on and on.

Until next time! :cry


Nationwide Relocation Services regrets to hear of the delays experienced with delivery of your household goods and any frustrations and inconveniences this may have caused. As we know moving is already a stressful process, issues may arise to prevent a successful move. As we only coordinate our customers moves, once our representatives receive any move related information its relayed immediately to our customers. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances the agent was unable to perform as anticipated. Our office will continue to maintain contact with you and will provide information with regards to your delivery as it becomes readily available and will definitely be in discussion with you as it refers to addressing your concerns.

We appreciate your business and we look forward to assisting you. Please feel free to contact us at 1-888-219-7171 at your earliest convenience with any additional questions.

Thank you


Nationwide Relocation Services

Nationwide Relocation Services/United States Van Line

Willmar, Minnesota 2 comments
Not resolved

Long story short. Hired USVL and Nationwide to pick us up for the 30th april, 1 week before changed date and submitted papers signed and faxed.

Dates were still wrong. Came to the day of pickup....they didn't process papers on their end right still remained the same. I have everything packed up and ready and financial obligations and still nothing. Paid check by phone.

Promised refund 4-6 weeks....This is a scam company and everyone needs to stay away from them. Now we have to hire another company pay out of our pockets. The owner Aldo Disorbo , never to be heard from.

Promises to call back never so promises to help us never do. Took agent off the account and promises promises promises



As we have not completed our move with you STILL we do not wish to have any negative recourse against us so we will remain anonymous. The States Attorneys General has not yet completed its investigation as well.


Nationwide Relocation Services regrets to hear of your dissatisfaction with our moving services. We wish we could change such an unpleasant experience. With the information you provided, we were unable to locate your move with us. We are aware that you would like to remain anonymous, however, if you are indeed a customer we would like to speak with you to address your issues. You may contact our office to discuss your concerns as soon as possible as we always like to ensure that our customers are satisfied with our services. Please call and provide your name and job ID # so we can better assist you with your issues. Call us at 1-888-219-7171.

Thank you.


Nationwide Relocation Services

Nationwide Relocation Services - I know what *** is like because 'Nationwide relocation movers' took me there before Christmas!!

Orlando, Florida 5 comments
Not resolved

Update by user Apr 24, 2012

I was contacted by the owner of this company and he was appalled by the actions of his employees. He worked with us in resolving the matter.

The person(s) that we\'re involved were fired and the proper authorities were alerted. Thanks to the owner for his swift action.

Original review posted by user Jan 06, 2012

How do I begin.  My story is like a dream with a bad nightmare and I just want to wake up.

 But unfortunately this is real and I hope and pray that no one has to endure the pain, frustration, headache and disgust that we went through.  My husband and I bought a house in Kissimmee Florida and our closing date was delayed numerous times, so by this we had to change our move dates a lot.  We were scheduled to be picked up on friday December 2, 2011 and they didn't show up until monday December 5.  The driver called me on Thursday December 1 and we both decided Saturday December 3rd between 9am-11am would have worked out better for the pick up because he was also in the process of moving and my stuff wasn't fully ready.

 It was after 12pm on Saturday and we were still awaiting the movers, so I decided to call and his words to me were "i tried calling you".  Really I have a caller ID and an answering machine, he never called us.  We rescheduled the move to Sunday 4th at 8am and again never showed.  My husband called the driver Eli and he told my husband that he just woke up and he wouldn't be picking us up until Monday December 5th.

 He didn't apologize and he had no remorse for his actions.  My husband and I tried calling the company many times to make a report and couldn't get a hold of anyone, this was unacceptable and unprofessional.  Anyways, we were picked up on Monday December 4th finally, we wanted to cancel the day of the pick up but we were told that we were locked and our down payment was non refundable.   The movers took apart, broke stuff and stole stuff.

 They basically went shopping in my home for the christmas holidays.  We arrived in Orlando on Wednesday december 7th in the evening and so did our movers.

I was in my kitchen washing dishes and I received a call from American express customer service department.  My husband and I looked at each other and said, "oh ***!!".  We immediately knew that our cards had gotten stolen because one of the guys took my husband's home office desk apart and our extra credits cards that we use for emergency purposes was in it.

 One of the movers went on a shopping spree on December 7th, December 8th and December 10th in plantation and Orlando Florida at high end stores like; Ralph Lauren polo, Nike and champs and racked up our Amex to over $1000.00  He even tried logging onto our online account at 3am one morning.  This thief also bought $336.00 of clothing from an online store with our card.  The story doesn't end there, he also sole our Charles schwab visa card that we used to make the down payment to nationwide relocation and to pay his back dsl bill.   As I sit to write this horrific story, I'm still in disbelief.

 I cannot believe that someone would do something like this to you at Christmas time. I'm still scared from this experience.  We've called the police in Florida, new York, Georgia and nationwide relocation and to my surprise no one has helped us.  This has been the worse Christmas and I also have sleepless nights because this nonsense has been bugging me.

 These people have invaded our privacy and stole what we've worked hard for.

 If I don't get any justice soon, I'll be going to the media.  I do hope my experience is a lesson to everyone that wants to use this horrible company.

Review about: Moving Company.

Monetary Loss: $7.



Google "United States Van Lines Sucks" -- you'll learn a great deal about these scam artists. They will stop at nothing.

Oh, PS to "So sad," way to blame the victim, broseph.

Clearly it's not the movers' fault for stealing, but the customer's fault for having their stuff in the wrong place where they could be stolen. You're very smart!


To so sad, have you ever moved before? Do you know how crazy, out of control and chaotic things are?

And on top of that, we have a young baby.

Our cards were in my husband's work desk in a lock box which unfornate for us wasn't locked. I'm sorry but these people were supposed to be professionals and that's why we let them in our home.


My story is nothing but the truth, I'm disgusted and frustrated. My husband and I need justice!


The moral of this story is you should never have left your "spare/emergency" credit cards in your desk. YOu should carry those with you at times like these. Especially when strangers are in your own house moving things and could easily find them.



Oh. My.

GOD! Don't pass Go, don't collect $200, go STRAIGHT TO THE MEDIA. If your review is true, this is definitely worthy of news coverage.

I came on this site because I was miffed at a rude New York salesman, but what you have described is in another galaxy.... MAY THAT COMPANY SETTLE THIS OUT OF COURT WITH YOU!!

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Nationwide Relocation Services - Nationwide Relocator Services - Nightmare On Elm Street

El Paso, Texas 1 comment
Not resolved

Freddy Kruger from Nightmare On Elm Street can not even hold a candle to the mental stress, physical trauma, and the exposure to being held hostage at great personal and financial expense by Nationwide Relocation Services (888-219-7171). Nationwide's horrendous service staff, were a group of inconsiderate, inept, untrained individuals, who clearly did not care about your circumstances. They actually went out of their way to cause profound consternation and fear about when, or even if, you will get your possessions moved. I have never seen what a bald face liar looks like, but I am sure an entire portfolio could be created by the staff at Nationwide Relocaton Services. Steven King himself would likely find the stories of the people they have ravaged too terrifying to put into a novel.

With almost a months notice, and a hefty financial deposit, did Nationwide Relocation Services leave us barren and destitute "one hour" before what they called our window closed. Each and every multiple daily call placed to them resulted in either another lie, or the admonishment that we were hostage to them until the last minute, refusing to offer any remedy or service. As a result we were left stranded, on a time schedule, without the benefit of being able to call another moving company. The hardship we have suffered is unimaginable.

Although my significant other is not quite over the hill yet, he is pushing sixty, and he exhorted me to have a moving company move us because he has a herniated disc in his back. I am a slight lady, petit with painful wrist syndrome, thus could not possibly help him move extremely heavy furniture up the ramp of a sixteen foot van we were forced to rent. The 1300 mile trip to our destination was very painful due to the poor road conditions, and along the way we were exposed to several dangerous situations that we would have not experienced had we been in the comfort of our own vehicle, or on a plane flight to our final destination.

At our final destination, He was compelled to carry heavy furniture, and a multitude of boxes up a very long, very steep flight of stairs, or otherwise incur additional charges for the van rental. I/we were in pain, completely exhausted, and now almost a month later still recovering from the nightmare Nationwide Relocation Services has put us through. I will be seeking damages from this company, and recommend each and every one of you who has suffered as we have, do likewise.

In closing, we realize that "some" people can become disgruntled over very minor circumstances, however this company and its owner Aldo Disorbo has pages and pages and pages of complaints from people in all walks of life, including stated employee abuse, tantamount to coercion and threats because they dare stand up for the consumer after quitting his company. We too do not understand how so many complaints have fallen upon so many deaf ears. This company simply must be brought to justice.

Review about: Moving Service.

Monetary Loss: $1520.



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